Director’s Note

From the Director:  Christopher Geis

Happy Spring and Happy Easter!  Many of our staff and students will be traveling over the next several weeks.  We would love to hear where you’ve traveled and how you liked your trip.  Please email to submit pictures and a caption of your trip to be included in the next issue of our newsletter.  

As a Personalized Education school, we are constantly looking at the latest research and differences with how the brain works.  In March 2012 , 60 Minutes aired a report on Prosopagnosia, or Face Blindness, a condition in which people have difficulty recognizing faces – even their own family members.  To view the episode please visit the following link:

After watching the segment, feel free to take a face blindness test to see how you fare:

While these studies are still in their early stages, it is interesting to find individuals on both sides of the spectrum – those that don’t forget a face, as well as those who seem to not recognize even their own face. 

How does this affect learning?  I’d like to hear your responses and thoughts.

Feel free to also Twitter your score from the online test.

Twitter Account:        @arts_n_sciences

I just recorded my score on Twitter.  To say the least it was a humbling experience. 


1 thought on “Director’s Note”

  1. I knew 14 people but didn’t recognize any person. (even the ones I had heard of).

    I think I just don’t know what most of those people look like.

    Carter 7th Grade

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